Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 16

Real proof that Jesus loves the gays...

Line of the week: i almost took sociology but i drop out -An ex...yeah, I know.

Happy VD to everyone, and no, it's not just a coincidence that Valentines Day shares the same initials with Venereal Disease. Giving her chocolates doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing a condom, it's not a plausible substitute. Suit up.

Also, I found out that if I start off a sentence with "Is it wrong that-", that whatever I'm about to say is not only wrong, it's also incredibly unholy, would probably disgust Hitler and the Mendez Brothers and is something that only one-armed transvestite hobos in downtown San Fransisco have thought of.

I greeted all my friends today with the phrase "Yo diggity", hoping for the response "No Doubt", and it just never happened...

I'm going to go check out Jumper tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't completely suck. I love teleportation, it's the best superpower, period. Add the fact that it's used to fight people all over the world with Samuel L. Jackson narrating, and you've got what will probably be a good action movie. I do, however, expect for the plot and romance storyline to be the negative part of the movie.

I found a remake of the new Batman movie to reflect the one made in 1966, that being said, I present to you, the very creative, The Dark Knight 1966 Trailer.

This week has been fucking hell, I've had so much work to do and since I've had to take my sister to school every morning, I've been running on a low amount of sleep. Yesterday I was falling asleep in Macro-Economics, even in spite that I was drinking Jamba Juice WITH the Energy Boost...assholes lied to me.

I hate people who litter; more than I hate people who wear Crocs...well, maybe not that much, but about the same amount. Usually to the point where I honestly begin to weigh pros and cons on lightly ramming them into a tree. One of these days it'll happen...just wait...

The Writers' Strike ended Wednesday so it looks like Bic won't have to halt their production lines anymore. That being said, Conan O'Brien with his writers was not as good as expected. I definitely prefer Conan without the writers. His monologue last night was surprisingly weak and had an average of 3/5 punchlines getting barely moderate laughs. Oh well, at least we get our television shows and future movies back; hopefully they got a fantastic deal. If you also watched Conan last night, you'll enjoy this: "Suicidal Ryan Reynolds Jibber-Jabbers about kidnapping children!"

Paul Shaffer is what the mutation of Bono and a cancer patient would look like.

Something else that happened yesterday, was the release of the Teaser for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Sunday I'm going with Nate to watch him and his friend take pictures of models I guess, so that should be a good way to start off the week.

Holy College-Shooting Update!!

If you didn't know, today (VD), there was a shooting in an auditorium at Northern Illinois University. The guy kicked open the door dressed in black and started shootin' fools before performing a pistol-seppuku. Here's a few things I noticed when reading the article:
  • Kicked the door open - probably came from watching Police Academy or something.
  • Wearing black - REAL ninjas don't use guns.
  • Auditorium - Holy shit, these school shooters are getting smarter, first it's a sniper tower, then high school hallways, then an open square, and now it's inside an auditorium that probably only has three or four exits for 162 people? Next thing you know it's going to be pipe bombs during a school-wide contest on who can fit the most students in one classroom.
  • Time to rate the most famous ones because maybe it's just me, but although the deaths are decreasing, save VT, they are happening at an average of almost one every other year:
    1. UT: Killed 14 and Wounded 31
    2. Columbine: Killed 13 and Wounded 23
    3. Virginia Tech: Killed 32 and Wounded many more
    4. Northern Illinois University: Killed 5 and Wounded 21
Here's what a lot of people don't notice...there have been almost a hundred school shootings since the UT sniper, he just began it. This is just fucking pathetic.

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