Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 6

Cyanide and Happiness is always good for a dark/surreal laugh

First of all, I hope everyone had a decent New Years and is alright, I wouldn't want to lose any readers over anything as silly as a car crash or an OD. Now that that's out of the way, I've gotta say that since the last update before New Years, my mind has been racing.

New Years Eve had me just chillin' like a villain(Nervous, freaking out every time I hear sirens and with blood on my hands) at my house with my family and Nicole, Kerby and Katie. We basically just drank while I had had them laughing their asses off between Guitar Hero III and Foosball.

On New Years, I woke up with what I thought was enough urine in my system to flood the bathtub. Upon attempting this challenge while I took a shower, however, I failed to meet those expectations as I couldn't even produce enough to make it smell weird. Oh well, maybe next time. Later I saw The Kingdom, and all I can say about that movie is WOW. One of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. This film will almost change your life; it's very well written, pays great attention to detail and the realism is beyond amazing.

Oh shit, quick, make a list!!
Here are five awesome unique songs from the past, which styles' you won't hear today (Click on the name to see the music video):
1) Dead Prez - Hip Hop
2) M - Pop Musik
3) Devo - Whip It
4) Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang
5) Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Coincidentally, I live my life by the words of Devo "If a problem comes along, you must whip it."...sigh...not even the Beatles can beat those words of wisdom.

I saw Jessica Sajche Wednesday night when I went to go get my hurr cut; I haven't seen her since we graduated almost two years ago. She's still like three feet tall, but just as adorable. I got her digits so hopefully I'll get to see her a little more often now. She's working at the salon where I get my hair cut, so I let her have the honor of touching and cutting my hair. Apparently she's studying to be a nurse; sometimes I kinda wish I wanted to help people, but that quickly passes.

I also kept on wondering how she would look in scrubs; I've never seen anyone I knew in scrubs so this interests me.
New item on my to-do list: Befriend a nurse

My entire food consumption for Wednesday consisted of these healthy items:
Breakfast: Apple Jacks (But they don't taste like do they get away with this?!!)
Lunch: Jack-In-The-Box - Medium Ultimate Cheeseburger (Only Ketchup) with Curly Fries and Dr. Pepper.
Dinner: 6 Chips Ahoy cookies with a glass of milk, followed by a bowl of Tostitos tortilla chips with a liter of cola.
Take THAT Diabetes!!

Last night was the best way to kickoff the 2008 year; Conan O'Brien CAME BACK!! He's so fucking hilarious with or without the writers. Late Night without the writers though, is pretty cool (for now) since we get more Conan. This is a traded for less skits and gags, however, and I can't wait until the writers come back so I can get my fix of The Interrupter and In The Year 2000.

Every time I see a Cloverfield trailer I get a fucking erection...I'm going to see that fucking movie opening day at midnight goddamnit! This JJ Abrams director guy is doing a DAMN good job at not letting ANYTHING about the movie leak out. The premise of the movie is that something massive kicks the shit out of NYC. JJ Abrams stated that when he was in Asia, he noticed that they had Godzilla, and that the US has nothing but the pansy King Kong, so he wanted to make a monster specifically for America that's more "Insane and intense", so it should be awesome. Check out the badass trailer here.

Now I'm updating my blog while another Jennifer Lopez movie continues to destroy society with her terrible acting and aggravating accent. The movie is Enough, where her husband is cheating on her and he punches her a couple times, so she decides to kill him and then litter in a nearby lake before she lies to the authorities. This is the kind of movie that is rotting people's minds. If you ever voluntarily watch that movie, there's no doubt about it, you're what's wrong with this world.

Alright, I gotta kill some time before Conan comes on, so I guess I should start studying for my final tomorrow. Also, Nate's back from the Land of the Thai peoples, so I gotta head on over to his house and check his clothes for SARS and whatnot before I hang out with him sometime this week.

Imagine how weird it would've been if I stopped typing after "kill"...

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Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog and I gotta say, it's damn funny.

But as for something not boring, I can relate heavily to your diet, except exclude the breakfast. I'm usually too lazy and not hungry in the mornings, so that leaves me even worse off.

Also, Cyanide and Happiness is wonderful, and isn't advertised enough.