Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 10

See? All I wanted was proof, and none of my friends could ever explain it like this...

Tuesday I went to my third class of this semester, and Wednesday I went to my fourth. Although I still have yet to go to Macro-Economics until the 28th, here's a quick synopsis of those two:

American Government
It was surprisingly alright. The teacher is a really sarcastic fella who looks like the best Mark Addy impersonator to date, which should make any following Still Standing episodes make me laugh from time-to-time. Aside from having a guy I mildly knew during high school sitting behind me, there's no one really interesting or worth mentioning in that class; making it one of my most boring classes as far as students go, only second to history. Then again, people taking history during a Spring semester are people who either failed, dropped or didn't take it the previous semester, so it's not exactly filled with future salary recipients.

Intro to Philosophy
WOW, this class was bad-fucking-ass. I'm exceedingly content that I changed it to the 'ol Moulenbelt. I mean, I knew he was smart, but I was completely blown away by the genius arguments he presented upon exposing only the most basic philosophical and scientific conundrums. Honestly, there wasn't much that we talked about that I haven't thought about in the past few months, but to hear it from someone else, and have them show me that these questions have yet to be answered, was really a mind opening experience. There's only two minor problems with this class however, in that these things that I have already thought deeply about have made me into the comedic, racism-fascinated, Darwinist misanthrope you see (or read) today. This class, I feel, will only enforce my misanthropic beliefs and continue to expose the world's, and America's, ongoing list of fallacies. Oh well, at least it's closer to the truth than everything else we've been forced to learn since birth.

The other problem is actually mildly funny, as Philosophy will be the class I take an hour after Macro-economics, which is the science of how, now obviously flawed, capitalist economies work. It also precedes my Government class, which attempts to return me to the typical conformist American way of thinking...ugh...I need to pick my classes better next time.

Lone Star - Cy-Fair's new logo was unveiled yesterday at some big event I didn't go to.
Here's what it used to look like:

Here is the new one:

As you can see, it went from something a kid with a star-shaped stencil did and said "Hey look mommy, I'm mediocre!", to something a Graphic Design student did in Shiny Abstract Objects are Awesome 1301.

In government today, we briefly talked about the Oligarchy Authoritarian system; country ruled by a small group of elites, and I couldn't help but compare it to the US. I mean, we all know about the Jews that run the country, we just need to acknowledge it and admit that we are, in fact, an Oligarchy run by a few greedy Jews. Then, and only then, can the healing begin...

See this line of text? This is The-No-Segue-Line-of-Text. So get throw your transition words and ambition to the wind and get ready for No Mo' Transitions!!

Cloverfield comes out tomorrow, or tonight for you optimists, so I'll have to check it out. The problem is, I haven't been hearing anything extremely good or bad about the movie, but I still wanna go check it out. I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up being disappointed, since it is being produced by JJ Abrams, and we all saw how fast Alias and Lost went downhill after the initial surge. The guy has the worst inability to follow through or successfully close any of his projects in a decent matter. Oh well, I'll include a full review of the movie, with spoilers and whatnot, on Monday; watch it before then or prepare to have your theatrical future ruined.

I recently downloaded Above and Beyond's Trance Around the World 197 mix and I fucking love it! Definitely one of the greatest mixes I've heard since Paul Van Dyk's Live at Trance Energy 2003. You can download it from MixMaster, here. He even went so far as to include the tracklist on the page. I recommend anyone with a decent love for electronic music get this mix.

On the pathetic present-day plague named Facebook, I was invited by this chick from Katy (A general invite) to go to this Comedy Sportz thing tonight at 7pm. Obviously, I'm not going. If not due to the thirty-minute drive to see people attempt to be funny, but because of the description of the event, that reads as follows:

If you do not know what Comedy Sportz is, it is a competition between 2 teams where they play all types of improv games. It is like a clean version of Whose Line is It Anyway? It's really funny, and you are sure to enjoy it!!

Ok, let's break it down shall we? By "we", I mean me; you selfish bastards.
  1. Obviously it's a competition between two teams; ever try to have a competition with only one team? Not as successful as you'd think.
  2. A clean version of Whose Line is It Anyway? Have you ever even seen that show? It's on TB-fucking-S. That network says "ass" maybe once a day, if that. It's no Saturday television religious blabbering, but it is definitely one of the cleanest comedies you'll ever see on TV, and a damn good one at that.
  3. Frankly, you just compared yourself to one of the greatest improv shows of all time with professional award winning and extremely experienced and cultured actors...and you expect for high school teenagers who quote Dane Cook like he's funny, to reel someone in to watch and "enjoy"? Thanks but I try to keep my dosage of mediocrity to a minimum.
I might go to Mexico this weekend, but nothing is for sure yet. If I do go, I'll probably just lounge around with some friends and maybe binge drink some really dark beer with Frenchies. If I don't, then I'll probably see how many times I can open and close my cell phone in one minute, chug a couple liters of various colas and try it again until I beat my time...and play a bit of the 'ol paintball on Sunday with TF and Jason.

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl release date was pushed back...again...from February 25th to March 5th. I'm not really one to freak out over the release of a video game, but they've pushed it back at least three times; that's just plain irresponsible.

I leave you with my favorite sayings from one of my favorite dead guys:
If you can't dance, you fuck a lot of waitresses. -Voltaire

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