Monday, December 31, 2007

Day 5

One of my favorite finds on the internet since 2 Girls and 1 Cup.

Last week I went
to the mall with Nicole and Aaron, got a hoodie from Hollister and Express and observed the intense "individualism" of the people who shop at Hot Topic. Also, I got a circle cookie cake that read "Happy 76th Birthday". I don't know why I got that message, but I was pressured by the black guy taking my order and my friends spat out some pretty bad ideas (I loved their energy though!). I also got myself some new "kicks", picked up Neil Strauss' new book, and found and bought the famous Richard Pryor performance: Richard Pryor Live in Concert.

Today I went to Walgreens after class to get some coke (Soda pop to you Northerners), and while waiting in line to pay, observed the amazing spectacle of a small black child begging his mother for a Pez dispenser. His tactics, despite his devotion to his goal, staying in character and really trying to sell it, proved to be futile against his mother's apathy.

My favorite part was when he changed his pleading from "Mom, I WANT a toy" to "Mom, I NEED a toy". I couldn't help but laugh (Simultaneously ignoring the mom's reaction). Seeing that his mom was leaving, the boy finally realized he wasn't, and I quote, as you will see with the quotation marks, "gettin' no nuthin'". As he wailed behind her, reluctantly following her out the door, I thought to myself four different things:
1) Hmmm, I think I need some condoms...
2) If THAT doesn't cause you to consider getting a vasectomy or getting your "tubes tied", I don't know what does.
3) Abortion pamphlets should be available at every high school...
4) I'm pretty sure kids these days would actually consider Abstinence as an option if they dragged a few kids like him around high schools.

Other than that, it's been rather uneventful as of late; hopefully this new year will bring forth some much needed change. I recently finished making my New Years Resolutions, my first time ever, and they shouldn't be too difficult to stick to:
-Finish Rules of the Game successfully.
-To not get a B in any class I take.
-Do at least 10 open-mics.
-Be healthier. (Eat less fast food and do more exercise)
-Meet at least 10 new people in a public area (Cafes, restaurants, malls, etc.)
-Keep promoting The Greater Truth (In telegrams if possible).
-Use more parenthesis in my writing (Ellipses are a plus as well)...

Happy New Years to everyone, and try not to die, lest you become part of a "Deaths during New Years" statistic...because no one wants to die a boring and teachable death (Unless the lesson taught is to not chew a grenade because the pin might fall out).


Jason said...

Hot Topic. I love how people buy something that comes in mere THOUSANDS of copies and consider themselves original or special.

I further love how the vast majority of people think that they can buy an opinion and that anyone give a shit bout that opinion if they have it on their shirt.

Hot Topic is for people who are too stupid to realize that they are not original and that there are other colors than black and red.

William said...

Hey I buy stuff from Hot Topic, but that doesnt make me someone who pretends to be different from everyone else by buying stuff there. Trust me Im not like those emo sissies or annoying goths, I just like bands...sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Hot topic scares the jeebers out of me whenever I walk past it in the mall. Aren't stores supposed to be inviting?

And I love that image =D