Monday, December 17, 2007

In the beginning...was Day 1

I'm normally not a big fan of blogs, however, since this is a free service that comes with the fantastic Gmail I've been using for the past two years or so, I felt it was my duty to utilize it to post my various musings that occur to me throughout my life. I will also be using this blog to put up my various articles that I've written, starting with the ones I wrote on Facebook. The first one will be the Survival of the Fittest, which is coincidentally, my favorite one. I'll try to put it up tonight if possible.

This weekend actually kept me busy. Friday night consisted of Nate arriving at my house borderline late, as the movie we were going to see (I Am Legend) was already showing previews. Luckly, thanks to my heroic-like night driving abilities, I was able to slow down time just enough to make it in to see The Dark Knight trailer-which looks incredible, and get to our seats.

*Mild Spoiler Alert*
Overall, I give the movie 8.5/10. The beginning is fantastic and when you first see a 'Dark Seeker' it really freaks you out...until he experiments on one. Here's the thing, he states that the 'Dark Seekers' function at 300%, that of normal human being, yet when he chases his dog into a building of some sort, they can't hear or sense him despite him being less than 10 feet away. Also, for being a Lt. Colonel, Robert Neville was a HORRIBLE shot...he needs to stop listening to Bob Marley all the time and play some Half-Life 2 or Call of Duty 4. Other than that, the movie was a great thriller that convinced me that Will Smith needs to be nominated for an Oscar this year.

Saturday I had to wait at the Joe Myers Ford dealership for about 3 hours just to pay the $172 for a new set of car keys that I lost the day before. After that I went to my uncle's house to help him and his family move to a better neighborhood on my side of town with less black people getting into gang fights (Although they now have to deal with insane white suburban mothers who think their husband who is only at home to sleep should be given the Father of the Year award). Assuming the day was over for me, as I was tired and needed to get some sleep in before playing paintball the next day, I took a shower and watched some TV. That was the second biggest mistake I made that day, as my mom called and said that we were all going to Moody Gardens to see the Festival of Lights.

I decide to drive so that I wouldn't fall asleep on the drive and drool all over the back seat. Upon arriving, despite the growing signs of intense windage (Windage[slang] - Referring to wind speed) like trees tilting as if to high-five the ground and the car being blown to the side, we are all surprised that it is windy and cold as fuck and we only have light sweaters and jackets. Ignoring this, my mom decides it is still a good idea to see the lights, so we pay the $10 per person and we're told it takes about 45 minutes to finish the trail. Hold up, we're paying enough to feed an African country for a week to WALK for 45 minutes in 40-something degree weather and look at lights shaped into things like Santa, and Spongebob (Who is apparently synonymous with Christmas now)? How fan-fucking-tastic. Finishing the trail in less than 30 minutes because I forced everyone to walk faster and constantly stated that I'd rather be sitting in my room listening to Jamie O'Neal's All By Myself crying than walking that godforsaken concrete path, we leave and end up at a restaurant called Cheddars or something. I didn't really get the name of it since I was looking at the enormous Fry's Electronics on the other side of the street that was, I kid you not, more spacious than the George R. Brown Convention Center. We get home at 12:30a-fucking-m exhausted and sick of things that cause wind, like the ocean, fans and people who laugh using way too much air.

I wake up at 8:47 still tired, don't get out of bed until 9:30 and don't leave my house until 10, pissed, because I know I'm late since Epic people usually start playing at this time and it will take me at least half-an-hour to get geared up and check to see if my gun is working. I arrive to a practically empty TKPB where I slowly get ready since the first game isn't played until almost noon...fucking assholes had me getting up early and shit. The day was alright, I played to horrible I felt like the field should have paid me for making an ass of myself and entertaining people with my lack of motor skills and coordination. However, when I finished I took out the 'ol Nikon D50 and snapped a few pictures that came out surprisingly well despite the sun reflecting off metal and whatnot. If you want to see all of them, click here (The guest password is homero).

Today was the first day of the mini-mester, as the coolest of the cool kids call it, and it began with me wearing three layers of clothes to a classroom full of what I deemed educational failures...almost like me, but not quite. The energy level was lackluster at best, lets just say I've seen people in comas that had more enthusiasm than my "classmates". I'm undecided about my professor though, she's an English major yet she told us she gets "Up at the crack...of whenever the sun rises"...dawn anyone? The crack of dawn was the correct statement, just as it has been used to describe every father's instructions on the eve of a horrendous divorce-causing fishing trip that takes a whole weekend out of your life. As she went over the syllabus for the course, she made a Harry Potter reference which almost made me want to listen to my ipod as loud as possible while trying to forget why I was there in the first place...but rule #4 specifically stated that mp3 players were not allowed. Luckly, she made me laugh and possibly caused a slight grin when she made a Seinfeld reference to the Soup Nazi (She's the MLA Nazi...if I was Jewish I would've been offended) and later said that she locks the door of her room after 5 minutes because of the Virginia Tech shooting...apparently she believes that cheap-wall-piercing bullets haven't been invented yet.

Now I'm going out to eat with Nicole, then getting some stuff at Barnes and Nobles and Best Buy before doing my homework and whatnot. I'll put up my Survival of the Fittest article by tomorrow, as promised.

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