Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 46

Japanese artists are...interesting...

Line of the Week: Worst case scenario, if the levies break, water will rush in... -News reporter from New Orleans while tracking Gustav

Oh man, talk about a busy week. I've been here and there and over here and I even went all the way over there like three times, no joke.Let's kick things off right, eh? I had my other class last week and it was pretty...interesting.

These classmates are probably the dullest of the bunch and not really worth mentioning, with the exception of three things.
  1. The freshman sitting to my right (I know he's a freshman because he said so) that kept on trying to throw in "funny" comments. The professor would be talking about something I was not paying attention to, although I'm sure it was riveting, and this sucker kept on trying to interject with his little remarks. Not only were they not found funny by anyone else in the classroom, I knew what he was going to say and kept on wanting to tell him to not do it, it actually hurt me to hear the words come out of his mouth. The worst part is that he wouldn't even wait for a pause, he'd just start talking and after the third word, when he realized that she [the professor] wasn't stopping for anything, stopped and tried again...if he keeps that shit up I'm gonna have to educate the little mofo.
  2. Everything about my professor...literally. First of all, she looks just plain fucking weird, like something that comes out of Kentucky or Tennessee but talks with the most intriguing accent I've heard in a while; a mix of New Orleans and New Jersey. She said things like Thursdee and ghat (got) and used some expressions like light in the loafers and some other ones that I don't care enough to remember.
  3. She talked...the entire class...without stopping or asking more than one question. Even I can acknowledge my narcissistic tendencies but I usually like to hear what people have to say about what I'm talking about. She never stopped and used I, Myself (and all of it's variations) and Me more times than I could even count. Also, she talked pretty fast with some awkward pauses...oh well, I guess it'll make for an interesting class.

You know what's great about taking a Music Appreciation class? All the pretentious douches practically show themselves voluntarily, they usually come in the form of guitar players, big fans of "the classics" (translating to the most popular names of the 60s-80s) and laugh whenever someone says the name of a band. Oh, did I mention they usually wear band shirts just for that class? Check out the chick in the NIN shirt, she's definitely a hardcore music aficionado and you don't wanna mess with her flat-chested and pompous self.

Also, you really get to see stupid people shine, and not in the good potential-special-olympics-"athlete" kind of way. Here's a really good example and currently my favorite story to tell. The second time the class met, instead of playing Bob Marley, the professor was playing some Beatles song while the projector, well...projected, their image on the screen. After he played it about three times and everyone had arrived, he picked a random name from the attendence sheet and asked that person if they knew the artist of the song. As luck, or irony, would have it, it was the only black chick in the entire room and I knew EXACTLY what was about to happen, so I smiled. She began to say things like "Ummm, kinda" and "Oh, I know this!" but it was obvious that she had no fucking idea, so I began to laugh to myself because the train wreck was just beginning. The professor started giving her hints and people started gasping and saying "oh my god" and the chick with the guitar looked like she was having a seizure, except uglier. Then I got to thinking and commented to the people around me, I figured they might as well get used to my opinions early on, "Are you really that surprised that she doesn't know this?" You can call it racism, you can call it stereotyping, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm 100% right. Black people know as much information about the Beatles as I know about making Chinese food. It's just not in their culture. Anyways, the guitar chick ended up practically yelling out "THE BEATLES!!" and went on to name the song, the album from which it was released and each band member in the order of their appearance in the picture...HOW IMPRESSIVE!!

Saturday was pretty weird, I was forced against my will, as opposed to being consensually forced, to go to a church (Read: Boring) part of a wedding. What did I take from this enlightening experience aside from terrible religious puns? That stereotypes are funny, ESPECIALLY when they're true. It was a Mexican couple in a Catholic church, in a part of Houston that I wouldn't want to walk alone around, and their names were Juan and practically writes itself. Afterwards I ended up chilling at my house with my cousin and, for the first time in almost a full year, just played video games all day. It felt good to finally wipe the dust off the Wii and go crazy with Super Monkey Ball (still the most difficult game I've ever played and have yet to beat), SSX Tricky and Need for Speed: Underground...because I have a mildly secret love for good racing games.

I'll leave you with the fact that TV season is coming back, starting with Entourage on Sunday, and there's only one new series worth watching:

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