Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 30

Need I say more?

Line of the Week: You used Ghostbusters for evil!! -Tina Fey on 30 Rock

Iron Man, Iron Man, Iron Man...yeah I saw it today, and honestly, would you expect anything less? The movie was great, no doubt about it, and is worth every penny you pay to go see it. The CG was incredible, sound effects were incredibly crisp, the humor was just right and the acting was more than superb. However, what kind of a skeptic would I be if I didn't point out the flaws that bothered me about it that stopped it from being a perfect 10/10 film? A nice one...and that is certainly NOT me. There's really only one problem with the movie and that is the action, or lack thereof. The action sequences they have are completely badass and are done flawlessly. However, the only real enemies he's fighting are his previous and rather hindered capturers. The only time there is a real one-on-one battle is at the end, against Iron Monger, and is extremely bland due to Iron Man's arc reactor being the weaker one. This makes the entire final battle disappointingly one-sided with Iron Monger being destroyed by something completely random and without any real climax. Overall, after talking about it with other film buffs and going over the film a couple times, I think Iron Man deserves an 8/10 as far as the Iron Man franchise goes, and a 9.5/10 as a film. Go see it.

In case you were looking for proof that abortion is not only right, but should be encouraged, look no further than this picture.

Wednesday some couple in a car stopped me on my way to class to ask me where the library I pointed to the nearest building, about 30 feet away from me and the car, and said "Oh, it's this big building that says 'Harris County Public Library' on it...". Apparently too numb by the irony to figure out what happened, they proceed to ask me if I know if there was a "gaming tournament going on". At this point I gave them a "Did you really just say gaming tournament to me out loud?" look and just walked away.

I also went to go see Tina Fey's new film, Baby Mama, last weekend and that's another film I think everyone should see. Some really great comedy, Fey's a beb, the funny token black man and a bunch of other comedy moments. Here's the interesting part, when I went to sit down, the girl I was with noticed that there was a liquid spilled all over the floor for like three guess is that someone's water broke in the theater. Basically, for a few minutes before we decided to get up and move we were dunking our feet in deliciously moist and sticky uterus liquid...let that sink in and imagine it.

A new trailer was uploaded recently for The Dark Knight and it looks even more badass than the first.

I was nervous as fuck on Tuesday for Houston's Funniest Person Contest, and even though I knew with my material that I wasn't going to go the the next level, I know I'm a pretty damn good contender for the Wild Card and at least a good amount of Houston comics know who I am, which was the main reason why I was nervous. I had a great time and everyone did great, everyone who I expected to make it, did, and I'll be at the Semi-finals to cheer them on. I can't wait to try out some new material next week. Now if I can only get on the next Laff Stop Showcase I'd be set. Here's the video from the contest:


Recently, I was driving with my windows down and on my way home I saw that someone else was also doing it as they drove next to me. The difference, however, was that she weighed over 250 pounds and had her arm out of the car. Not only could I see her arm flapping in the wind...but because I had me windows down I could also hear the flapping, which sounded extremely similar to a dry raspberry. As if this wasn't bad enough, because we both had our windows down I could see her fat arm with great detail. If I had had my windows up it would've been a bit darker and maybe blurrier, but because I didn't, it was like her fat flapping arm was in fucking blu-ray. I could almost see the cellulite chunks flying off her arm and hitting her poor uneducated kids in the back seats.

Uterus liquid...

This semester is almost over. All I've got left are finals and then it's back to doing nothing productive, which is defined by my parents as "doing something that makes money" but she won't even let me work at any place I like. Neither an abortion clinic nor professional-murderer's apprentice are good enough places for her.

Now I gotta get mah shit ready for the Ollie Lang Clinic I'm photographing tomorrow...hopefully some funny shit will go down that I can write about on my next update and then we can laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh...

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