Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 26

Mad respect for the guy who did this...

Line of the Week: Ah, banana oil -George Takei in Godzilla Raids Again (1958)

Before I tell you about the regular idiots I seem to come across, here are some original upcoming films of 2008 that actually look worth checking out:
  • Tropic Thunder - A comedy action flick with Ben Stiller being seemingly less annoying than usual, Robert Downey Jr. with blackface and the best comedy performance since Superbad and Jack Black not surprisingly being the worst part of the film.
  • The Love Guru - Mike Myers' new movie since that failure Cat in the Hat, with some decent acting and a hilarious Justin Timberlake cameo.
  • The Spirit - Frank Miller's new movie about his friend's(Will Eisner) graphic novel: The Spirit. Here's a montage of the three posters which make a badass desktop.
Wednesday morning I was walking out of the library, and as I was about 20ft. away from the doors a woman and her two kids were entering. The woman was on her cell phone while pushing her kid in a stroller while the other one walked beside her. As her older daughter passed through the door with no problem, I could see the woman was about to begin struggling to hold the door open while talking on the phone and pushing the stroller through, all at the same time. Where most people would help, I began walking significantly slower and watched as she almost knocked over the stroller without ever thinking to put the phone down for one fucking second. If I could do it again, I sincerely believe that I would have to fight the incredible urge to grab the phone from the stupid cunt and throw it as far as possible...

Then, later that night, although I wasn't feeling all that well, I went to Luby's with my family for dinner. While we were in line, there was some lady who had about six kids with her, all of which were incredibly terrible. After she yelled at one kid to move aside so she could pay, by literally yelling "MOVE!"...I really wanted to say "I bet you wish the condom wouldn't have ripped either, because you're a terrible mother."

I totally forgot about this, but Tina Fey returned to her godly role of the SNL Weekend Update not too long ago for one episode, and it was fucking hilarious.

Thursday I went to Quiznos, and after I sign the bill, the cashier goes "Nice little sister could do that" in a playful way. She had been eyen me from across the room previous to this little encounter, and I could tell she was flirting with me...but she was fat, so I was having none-of-that. In reply, I said "Well with all the technology against Identity Fraud these days, I figured I'd stop being to selfish and help make at least one thing easier for the know, give a little something back to the community." then I grabbed my food and left her dumb fat face full of confusion.

I'm sure something else interesting happened, aside from doing pretty good at the Open Mic tonight, but chances are I really don't care. Oh, Happy 20th Birthday to the fellow comedian from Cypress, Allen Chao. Other than that, fuck you, Conan is almost over and I need to get to finishing up the Chicken Fried Rice on the table and get me some cream cookies...

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