Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 27

If you resemble the latter, please send me a video of your suicide.

Line of the Week: You're supposed to put your pee-pee up! -Oliver Hudson on Conan

I have to plug this guy who has taken over my MP3 player by storm this past month. His name is King Benjamin, and he's a DJ from the US that has a weekly show on called State of Kingdom that plays every Friday at 7pm and is absolutely incredible. If you Google him, you'll be able to download my favorite show of his, State of Kingdom 002. From Robbie Rivera to Justice to Midnight Youth this set has it all. His website,, also has a few of his sets that are definitely worth downloading.

I happened to catch a bit of an episode of this seasons' Beauty and the Geek and I noticed something interesting. The only non-whites in the show "happened" to be paired up. It was the Asian geek with the Black "beauty" (She was short and ugly) while all the other perfectly white geeks were "equally" paired with other perfectly white "beauties". You know a show is pathetic when you can't describe the people without quotation marks. I have a feeling the show's executives told the geek "Hey chinaman, we're putting you with token and you'll be happy about it okay? We can't have you tainting our pure folk." I honestly wouldn't mind racism as much if people would just be honest about it instead of pretending.

I received a couple of complaints on how short my entries have been as of late...








people. So I'll try to make them longer...or not. It's my site and I'll update it as I very damn well please...or as long as I have the

Since the Writers' Strike ended, everyone's been waiting anxiously for their favorite shows to finally come back, and it finally happened Thursday night. 30 Rock, Scrubs and The Office finally came back. 30 Rock was a 7/10 with it's great synchronization of MILF Island and Tina Fey actually pretending to be furious, Scrubs was a 5/10 since it focused more on a few stories than jokes and The Office was a 7.5/10 because it was hilarious but definitely not one of the best.

I had the George Carlin It's Bad For Ya concert last night. I was supposed to go with Nate but he ended up being too busy, so Allen came with me...two comedians going to see a comedian, oh the joy. I won't go into detail as to how fucking awesome the show was, because it's George fucking Carlin.

Before the concert however, I casually searched (as opposed to strictly and formally) George Carlin in Facebook and happened to find some girls that liked him as well. Thinking I could get a quick Atheist hilarious lay, I started clicking on their profiles and saw that these girls, if they can be called that, are the ugliest human beings ever to be seen by my eyes. They were so horrendous they need government, philosopher and scientist issued certificates proving that they are, in fact, pert of the human species. Then I get to the show and holy jumping fucking Jesus, it was like 30 Rock's MILF Island...fucking incredible. Gorgeous women left and right...hell, the lady that sat next to me was born in Canada, insanely hott, loves comedy, and is coming with her husband to see Allen and I at the comedy showcase next Sunday...she reminded me of my future wife, save the husband.

There's a new movie coming out soon called Valkyrie. It's about project Valkyrie, Stauffenberg's attempt to assassinate Hitler from within the Third Reich. Tom Cruise stars as Stauffenberg, Kenneth Branagh as Treskow, the architect of the plan with Eddie Izzard and Bill Nighy in supporting roles. It looks fantastic and I even found a promotional cast photo.

I've been reading about 4-5 web comics a week for about a year now and I've gotta say, some are really disappointing and some are surprising hilarious, here's a few quick reviews for anyone that likes to nerd out every once-in-a-while:
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del (CAD) - One of the first I ever read and it's a very decent overall comic. The drawings haven't improved much since I first began reading it, but the characters have progressed decently. Here's my problem with it...if it's changed, it's hardly noticeable. Ethan is still the scapegoat for most idiocies, Zeke is the angry resentful robot, Lucas is the hard working parent-type character and Lilah is the voice of reason. That's it; every once-in-a-while a comic that's not littered with words will come out and be pure comedic genius, but that's once a month at most. 
  • Least I Could Do (LICD) - This one is unlike most web comics because it deals with the protagonist's crazy sexual and child-like exploits. Simply a great comic that focuses on one thing, and one thing only: Comedy. Whether it be from a simple sex related gag or a crazy over-the-top arc about a trip or one of Rayne's crazy goals, the comic works. A huge plus is that it doesn't talk to video games every single comic, only when it's referring major video game news, which is a fantastic breather from every other comic out there. Great characters without being too insane and, it's updated every day except but Sunday; making it one of the best web comics out there.
  • 8-Bit Theater - My favorite web comic. It's easily the most well written comic filled with almost too much comedic genius that hooks you into the story full of equally hilarious characters. If there are any flaws in this comic, I have yet to find any.
  • Pixelated Pupils (PixPup) - The worst...simply terrible. I tried giving this comic a chance but it failed me time and time again. As if the drawing and characters weren't dull and shallow enough, respectively, the organization is terrible. Their update schedule, if you can call it that, is Wednesdays and Saturdays, but actually means Friday mornings...sometimes. I even joined their forums in hopes of seeing some decent life on there, which ended in finding out that they were even more boring while interacting and wouldn't allow guest comics because they're "really protective of their characters". When I read this I couldn't help but realize that it was the only time their site had ever made me laugh because they didn't have characters since every "arc" is interrupted every 2 updates with some mundane filler comic that is only funny to the creators. Stay away from this comic if you have a sense of humor and like to read stories with inviting characters and interesting arcs.
  • Cyanide & Happiness (C&H) - If you don't read this comic, go fuck yourself. The only comic where anything and everything goes, updates every day, and although a comic is either a hit-or-miss, they're almost always hits.
Tomorrow I'm going to Twisted to play paintball for the first time in months, and I've decided it will be a good day if I don't pass out or cry...or pass out crying. Also, I just added an Upcoming Events box in case you want to check out my stand up but aren't sure where I'll be.

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