Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 20

Doesn't this just make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Line of the Week: Can't buy a wife in prison with an apple. -Conan O'Brien

As of Saturday, we're now out of the 'febs'.

Friday however, was an interesting night. Nate and I went to take pictures at the Water Wall by The Galleria; seeing how it was pitch black however, we decided to scratch that idea, meat up with that Alam character and Nate's friends and got some grub before hitting up Express for a change of clothes. Afterwards we chilled at the Empire Cafe for a bit and went to Dave and Busters, where history was made. After a series of unsuccessful tries to get a decent amount of tickets, we decided to try and beat the system. After a few minutes of shoving various small tings through the side of the glass of that machine where you put tokens in, in hopes of knocking other coins down, it finally hit us to use the carton on the ticket buckets. Ten minutes and a piece of cardboard later, we had over 5,000 tickets and smile on our faces. Fuck you, you corporate pigs.

Like stated before, I now have George Carlin tickets, who's newest special aired Saturday, and recently saw that HBO released an exclusive interview. Check it out here.

On Saturday, we went back to Dave and Busters...where I bowled a 33. Yeah, a fucking 33. Even a blind 80-year old woman with Parkinson's Disease could have bowled a better game than I did.

If I was on Deal or No Deal I would eliminate first the black girls, then the Hispanic girls, then the blonds, then the brunettes until I was left with only Asians and redheads...because that's what daddy likes...

I downloaded Sander Van Doorm's newest liveset last night, and it is one of the most incredible sets I've heard in my entire life. It's got the kind of bass that:
  • Gives ghetto minorities an erection
  • Was made to rattle the trunk of your piece-of-shit car
  • Was designed for people who spend $3000 on their sound system while they live in a mobile home.
  • Stops the digestive process
  • Leaves your ass vibrating for an hour afterwards
Tonight I had the awesome pleasure of going to the Laff Stop to check out the Open Mic. While I went specifically to sign up for the comedy class, which I did, and stayed for another five-and-a-half hours to watch a bunch of other comedians do their five minute sets and try out new material. I really look forward to go there at least once a week and meet some crazy people. One thing I noticed, however, was that most comics were rather clean in comparison to the kind of shit I write...oh well, should be an interesting following weeks.

If you don't have anything to do on a Monday night, or just don't want to spend any money (Except for drinks), stop on by and check me out. The show starts sometime between 7-8pm.

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