Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 23

He'll take your money and break your kneecaps...

Line of the Week: I didn't suspect you of being a pedophile until you lamented the loss of my braces. -Rachel from One Sentence

Whoever invented the stuff that creates ice is a real asshole. If you add it to your drink initially it waters it down before you reach the halfway point, and if you get ice to later put in your drink, it melts before you get to the halfway point.

Spring Break ended today for me, but just began for many people, especially for most of Houston, and it got me to thinking, does anyone remember the first time they heard about the concept of Spring Break? " meant to tell me that I don't have to go to school for a week, and at the end of it all, I get to each chocolate eggs all day?!! Holy fucking jumping jacks..." or something like that.

Wall-E is looking better and better every time a new teaser comes out...however, here's the final official trailer.

On Friday, David Letterman said "Team Led Shot Cock" but meant to say "Team Let Shot Clock"...and anytime an old guy says "cock" is fucking hilarious.

If you've never been to Paris, chances are you're never going to, but here's a Parisian who takes time out of his day to take some really good photos of Paris.

I make it a point to not watch Saturday Night Live due to the over-eccentric over-acting that is that show...and aside from maybe one or two skits a show, most are unoriginal or simply are not funny. SNL is what's raising the suicide rate in America.

I had my second Stand Up performance ever tonight, and wow did I improve over the one I did last week. I walked around stage, presented the set much better, but it's definitely still shite. My only problem was that the older black folk didn't laugh at my slave jokes...I just don't understand they didn't find that topic humorous. First of all, at least I, a lanky Mexican kid, have more balls than them because I'm actually the one on stage. Secondly, they're discriminating because they only laugh at black-related jokes if they're told by a black person.

Also, I'm really excited for this. Hopefully we'll be graced with at least one fetish for older women is now beginning to weird me out.

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