Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 54

Yes and I needed four pictures, and yes, those are the cheerleaders of the Jacksonville Jaguars dressed up as female's like my recurring wet dream!!!!

Line of the Week: Smell the dick on the kid. -Taylor reciting lyrics from some band...

Hokay, I've been way too busy this past week and weekend to do a structured and really elaborate update, but I'll be on it next weekend. I'm just going to do some quick rambling and then embed a bunch of funny videos in hopes of mild compensation.

I started working at Studio Movie Grill (Hwy 6 and West Rd.) on Friday, and I'll be working there every weekend. That's the main reason why I couldn't update, but it's not to say the job is imposing, I just need to get used to the schedule. It's fun and it means that I'll be watching more movie more often now. I'm going to see RockNRolla tonight at Rave, Rachel Getting Married downtown tomorrow and Changeling at SMG on Thursday...if you want to see any of those, text me.

After work on Friday, I quickly changed into shorts, flip-flops, a dirty t-shirt with oil/dirt stains and a hat like Raiden from Mortal Kombat. Then I went to Megan's house for the Halloween party where Ashley was a slutty cop, Anna was a slutty devil, Megan was a slutty ladybug, Heather was a slutty teacher, Rachel was a slutty hippie and the guys just wore formal or ridiculously casual clothes...Halloween is the best!!

I went to Taylor's coffee place-thing-location after seeing Zack and Miri Make a Porno (again) with Raul and Lindsay on Saturday, and found out that they support my position that if I had a nuclear bomb, I would detonate it over College Station before I would detonate it over Afghanistan...because it's the worse of two evils. Oh, and then we found out all about this Pepe Silvia and Carol characters that don't exist and the Day Bow Bow...fucking hilarious:

Day Bow Bow

Pepe Silve and Carol in H.R.

Also, I've recently found out that Half Price Books is selling DVDs for less than $5!! THE FOOLS!! They don't even know how they're looooooosing and I'm winning. You see, I went in just to buy some book for class, but I walked out with the book and three DVDs for the price of one expensive you have to ask yourself, who really won? The same guy that has two thumbs but doesn't really use them to type and never noticed that until now: THIS GUY!! I'm going to get There Will be Blood, Borat, The Untouchables and any Stanley Kubrick film I can find as soon as I get my first paycheck, HOLLA!

Alright, I'm done, remember...DON'T VOTE. Seriously, it's the most unpatriotic thing you could do and chances are we'll all die if you end up doing so. It's true, here's two different kinds of proof:

Seriously, don't fucking vote or I'll track your IP and stab you in you aorta...which, according to Dexter, is the fastest and easiest way to kill a man...or woman.

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